In October last year, we had the pleasure of welcoming a CNN film crew to report on our sea turtle research in The Bahamas. Wes Larson, Eben Hall and David Yim are the masterminds behind the brilliant nature documentary series called Mission Wild, which aims to show young conservation scientists and their important work across the globe. From eagle rays, pangolins, wild dogs to birds of prey and salamanders, Mission Wild really provides a nature fix of many furry, feathered, scaly and slippery friends.

After a successful first four episodes, Wes and his team decided to swing by The Bahamas for the final episode of the second season. We had a fantastic time catching turtles and talking about why what we do is important and couldn’t be happier with how the episode came together.

On top of that, Wes, Eben and Yim are great company and we had an absolute ball joking around, exploring the island,  snorkeling the reefs and even reshooting some scenes over and over. We are thrilled to know that we have these guys to shine a light on all kinds of conservation issues and the people solving those problems around the world. It’s incredibly important to share those stories and have create more awareness and task couldn’t be in better hands!

I highly recommend checking out the other episodes and making sure to follow Wes, Eben and Yim on social media to get updates on upcoming conservation goodness.

Above, you can check out the episode Wes, Eben and Yim made on our sea turtles research in The Bahamas.

Mission Wild is part of CNN’s Great Big Story, an award-winning global media company devoted to cinematic storytelling, and you can find all the episodes for free below!