About me

I am a wildlife biologist with a particular interest in the behavioural ecology and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. During my biology undergraduate degree I worked under Prof. Martin Whiting at the Lizard Lab at Macquarie University in Sydney comparing different scincid lizards in their behaviour and cognitive abilities. You can find my honours thesis here. Currently, I am spearheading a snake-focused research program in The Bahamas.

Research Focus

I have broad interests in the fields of ecology, animal behaviour, conservation and herpetology. While I am particularly interested in the behaviour and ecology of herpetofauna I am regularly involved in various interdisciplinary research projects. In the past I have been working on the reproductive morphology in snakes, cognitive abilities in lizards, distribution of Australian, African and German mammals and the natural plant defence against beetle infestations.


Recently, I developed a new snake-focused research program at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in The Bahamas while also helping to run the sea turtle research. The goal of the project is to improve our understanding of the abundance and mortality, population dynamics, diet, sexual reproduction as well as parasite prevalence of the different snake species on Eleuthera. Bahamian snakes are vastly understudied and together with numerous partners from the US and The Bahamas we aim to answer various essential research questions and promote the conservation of these magnificent endemic animals.

Find out more about my current projects here.

Public Outreach

I believe that as important as gaining scientific knowledge itself is sharing that knowledge. By sharing our scientific discoveries, others can add their expertise and expand ideas and findings to collectively further our understanding of the world we live in. It became clear to me that in order to really make a difference and protect the natural world I care about, I cannot only generate scientific knowledge but also needed to be active myself in communicating conservation issues and engaging people to get involved. Unfortunately, society is more and more disconnected from nature which leaves many conservation initiatives struggling for support. This is why I started my own conservation initiative called “Taiapo”. I want to raise awareness and promote the conservation of our natural world by reconnecting people with nature via visual art.

You can find out more about my science communication and public outreach here.


I have been interested in photography for quite some time and in 2018 I finally made the decision to invest in a proper camera. I often find myself in the middle of incredible wildlife encounters and want to share the experience as well as raise awareness of the bleak futures many of these animals are facing. I’m proud to have already gained some acclaim for my photography and want to use the growing interest to promote the conservation of nature.

You can find some of my images here.



Ever since travelling across Australia for 16 months in a Toyota Landcruiser, I have caught the travel bug big time. Shortly after Australia, I purchased and made up a 1984 VW van (You can see “Cooper” on the left) and went on an 18-month trip across most of Europe in 2014. After graduating university at the end of 2018, I went on to travel across Africa and Asia before relocating to The Bahamas for a research position. I have been to 43 countries over the years and I have no doubt that there are more to follow.

Releasing a loggerhead sea turtle after data collection for Archelon in Greece.
Catching a shingleback lizard for the cognitive research at the Lizard Lab.
Collecting a Bahamas boa for the snake research project on Eleuthera.