Taiapo is a conservation initiative I started to raise awareness and promote the protection of our natural world via visual arts. The name is a fusion of the Māori words “taiao” which means nature and “ipo” which translates to love.

It became clear to me that in order to really make a difference and protect the natural world I care about, I could not only generate scientific knowledge but also needed to be active myself in communicating conservation issues and engaging people to get involved. Unfortunately, society is more and more disconnected from nature which leaves many conservation initiatives struggling for support. This is why I started Taiapo. I want to raise awareness and promote the conservation of our natural world by reconnecting people with nature.

For some, Taiapo might only be a medium to look at interesting animals, which is absolutely okay, but I hope to be able to reach at least some people and make them aware of conservation issues to evoke a desire to support the protection of these species.

Finding the connection with nature is the most important step towards preserving it.

Connect with nature to protect nature.

Find out more about Taiapo here.